Are You Ready to Purchase Your Studio Ghibli and Ghibli Theme Park Tickets?

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We understand that one of the highlights of your trip to Tokyo might be visiting the enchanting Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo and the Ghibli Theme Parks. To help you make the most of your visit, we've put together this comprehensive guide on how to purchase tickets for these magical destinations.

Ghibli tickets go on sale 10th of each month.

If you want to avoid the scrum, we recommend you check out the option to purchase your tickets through a personal shopper on

Please note tickets do sell out quickly.

Studio Ghibli Museum near Tokyo

The Studio Ghibli Museum, located in Mitaka, Tokyo, is a must-visit for fans of Hayao Miyazaki's iconic animation studio. Here's how you can purchase tickets:

  1. Reserve in Advance (Recommended): Tickets to the Studio Ghibli Museum are highly sought after and can sell out quickly, especially during peak seasons. We recommend reserving your tickets in advance through the official website or authorized ticket vendors like Lawson convenience stores in Japan. Keep in mind that tickets for a specific date and time slot are required, so plan ahead.
  2. International Purchases: If you're traveling from abroad, you can purchase Studio Ghibli Museum tickets through authorized travel agencies or online platforms that specialize in providing tickets to international visitors. Make sure to book well in advance to secure your desired date and time.
  3. Same-Day Tickets: A limited number of same-day tickets are available at the museum itself, but be prepared to wait in line early in the morning as these tickets can sell out quickly.
  4. Ticket Prices: Ticket prices vary depending on age and availability. Children under 7 years old have free admission. Check the official website for the latest pricing information.

Important Dates:

International ticket sales for the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo go on sale on the 10th of each month at 10 am Japan time for visits the following month.

Here is the link for the direct purchase of Ghibli Museum tickets.

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Ghibli Theme Park near Nagoya

International ticket sales for the Ghibli Theme Park (specifically only for the Ghibli's Grand Warehouse section of the park) near Nagoya go on sale on the 10th of each month at 2 pm Japan time for visits 3 months later. Ie June purchases are for September visits, July purchase is for October visits, August purchases are for November visits, and so on.

Here's how you can purchase tickets:

  1. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on the official Ghibli Park website and official announcements for updates on the park's opening date and ticket sales.
  2. Online Booking: Once ticket sales open, visit the official Ghibli Park website or authorized ticket vendors to book your tickets. Similar to the Studio Ghibli Museum, tickets for specific dates and time slots are likely to be required.
  3. International Visitors: If you're traveling from overseas, check if there are special ticket options or packages available for international visitors. Travel agencies that specialize in Japan travel can also assist you in securing tickets. Or try a personal shopper on
  4. Plan Your Visit: As with any popular attraction, it's advisable to plan your visit in advance. Be aware of any restrictions, park rules, and any additional attractions or experiences you want to enjoy while at the park.
  5. Ticket Prices: Ticket prices for the Ghibli Theme Park will vary depending on age, type of ticket (e.g., one-day pass, multi-day pass), and the attractions included. Stay tuned for pricing details closer to the park's opening.

Here is the link for the direct purchase of Ghibli Theme Park tickets.

Remember that both the Studio Ghibli Museum and the Ghibli Theme Park are in high demand, so it's essential to plan ahead and secure your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Tokyo Family Stays wishes you a magical and memorable experience as you explore the worlds of Studio Ghibli!

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