Tokyo COVID-19 Response

Shelter-in-Place Staycations for Tokyo Residents

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The global human tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us - not only the untold numbers of people fighting for their lives, the many who have sadly lost this fight, and the brave medical workers who are fighting for us all. We are still right in the middle of this fight and without doubt, the world will be changed forever after this is all over.

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On the economic side, Tokyo and the tourist industry in general were hit hard and early. Tokyo Family Stays operates in this sector and we are a small family business. We have staff wages and high overheads and sadly now we have no income. We are in no way alone. So many others in the tourist sector and many other industries are affected. People, quite rightly, are not travelling and these necessary travel bans will likely be in place for some time.

Tokyo Family Stays is committed to seeing this through in the long term as we are confident that global tourism will return. In the short term, we are committed to serving our community in Tokyo - our adopted city that we love.

Since February 2020, Tokyo residents have been largely and voluntarily sheltering in place, working from home and home-schooling their children. Everybody is facing their own version of this test of humanity and we are all being tested. We are all in this together.

We have been considering how we can assist our local resident community who are sheltering in place, the expatriate Japanese nationals who have returned to Japan and need self-isolation, and also people of other nationalities who are unable to move from Tokyo due to the travel bans. So we have adapted our business model and prepared a list of suitable Staycation options to utilise our beautiful homes which currently stand empty. Let us help you while we are all staying put and staying safe.

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